Heat Pump Repair

A heat pump is a dual purpose device. It moves heat from one place to another using only a small amount of energy, and it can be used for either heating or cooling. It works by pulling the heat in the air into a building to warm it up or by removing the heat to cool it down. It operates very similarly to air conditioners with the exception that air conditioners are used only for cooling purposes whereas a heat pump can be used for both heating and cooling. The use of a heat pump has its advantages with the most important one being that you only need to install one unit. When a heat pump is not present in a home, separate heating and cooling systems have to be installed. Another advantage to heat pumps is that they are very efficient, because no fuel is being burned to create heat. Instead they work to transfer heat.

Common Signs your Heat Pump May Need Repair:

Heat pumps are a great alternative to air conditioners and furnaces, but like any other mechanical devices, they are subject to various problems. With regular maintenance you can minimize the amount of repair that your unit will need over its lifetime, but as your system ages you can be certain that some type of servicing or repair will need to be carried out. Here are some tell-tale signs that your heat pump needs to be repaired.

  1. A loss in the effectiveness of your heat pump. Even though heat pumps do not heat or cool the air, but only transfer it, their function directly affects the temperature within your home. After using a system for a while you will get used to the way it operates and will be able to tell when it just doesn’t feel right and your rooms are not as hot or cool as they usually are.
  2. Your heat pump doesn’t come on when necessary – it doesn’t come on whether it is turned on manually or when the cycle is supposed to begin.
  3. Your heat pump causes your circuit breaker to trip repeatedly.
  4. Your heat pump freezes over.
  5. Your unit turns on and off too often – this may be due to a clogged filter so you can check that first and clean it if necessary. If you are still having a problem, give us a call.
  6. The unit’s blower has stopped working.
  7. You start hearing unusual noises (grinding or squealing) in the pump itself or in the duct work. If this occurs, turn off your unit right away and call us.

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