Ductless Mini Split Repair and Installation

Ductless Mini-Split systems are becoming an increasingly popular option for those looking for an affordable, energy-efficient solution for their heating and cooling needs. They are perfect for older homes that have no existing duct work, and they also are a great option for additions and sunrooms. If you’re looking to have a mini-split system installed or need one repaired, look no further than Bucks HVAC. Give us a call at 888-645-7552 for a FREE in home estimate or contact us by clicking on our Contact page. 

Thinking of Having a Mini-Split System Installed?

Listed below are some common applications for mini-split systems and the advantages of having a mini-split system installed. Mini-split systems come in all different varieties, from wall mount units to floor mount units and even recessed ceiling units. Whatever brand or model you’re looking for, Bucks Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning will have the answer for you.

  1. Older homes with baseboard/radiant heat and no air conditioning- back in the day homes did not have a forced air furnaces and instead relied on baseboards or radiators to heat the home. This means no duct work, which is a must have for central AC. However, mini-split systems do not require any duct work and are much cheaper to install than central air conditioning.
  2. New additions/sunrooms- sometimes running new duct work off of the existing system to an addition cannot be done. Or perhaps, the existing system is not sized large enough to heat/cool the house plus the new addition. In these cases, mini-split systems are often used to provide heating/cooling to the previously unconditioned space.
  3. Smaller homes or homes without a basement or attic space- conventional systems require a large amount of space because of the duct work needed and the size of the systems themselves. Mini-split systems, because of their versatility and size, are great for houses lacking sufficient space to install a conventional system and duct work.
  4. Master Bedrooms- mini-split systems are even a good option for houses that already have a furnace and central AC. They are a cost-effective and efficient option for those looking to only heat and cool one room without heating and cooling the whole house.

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