I just turned on my air conditioner for the first time this year and it isn’t getting cold.  What should I do now?

The realization that your AC system isn’t working during the first hot day of the year may be overwhelming. After all, your air conditioner seemed to be working fine last summer. But before you call a HVAC company to come out and inspect, check to make sure that you didn’t overlook these simple points that often homeowners forget.

Check your thermostat: Although this may seem obvious, many people forget to switch the mode on their thermostat from HEAT to COOL. After running the furnace all winter with the mode set on HEAT, some forget to switch it back to COOL when the weather starts to become hot. Having the mode set on HEAT will never turn on your AC system even if it is set all the way down. So before calling a professional, make sure the thermostat is on COOL.

Check the electrical system: Check to make sure that all of the switches are on and that the breakers for the AC in the breaker panel are in the ON position.  Some may shut the breaker off for the air conditioner in the fall and forget to switch it back on in the spring. Another thing to check is that if your air conditioner has a condensate pump inside, make sure that it is plugged in. Many condensate pumps have a safety device built in that will shut down the AC system if it isn’t plugged in.

Replace your filter: When starting the air conditioner up for the first time, make sure there is a clean filter. Having a dirty, clogged filter in the system will restrict the airflow and can cause you’re AC system to not properly cool the house.

Although these are only a few problems that can arise when starting up your AC system, they are simple fixes that any homeowner can tackle themselves. So before you give the professionals a call, check these few pointers and hopefully save yourself a service call.

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